विकिपिडिया:चौतारी (प्राविधिक)

 प्राविधिक प्रस्तावहरू अफ विकि कार्यक्रमहरू विचार विन्दु विविध प्रशासक तथा प्रबन्धकहरूबीचको छलफल 
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ढाँचा Template:Infobox settlement अद्यतन सम्बन्धमासम्पादन

विगत लामो समय देखि यो ढाँचा अद्यतन नभएको अवस्थामा विभिन्न प्यारामिटरहरू समर्थन नगर्ने तथा त्रुटिहरू आउने गरेकोले यस ढाँचालाई अद्यतन गर्न आवश्यक छ। यसैको अद्यतनको लागि मैँले अहिले खेस्रामा काम गरिरहेको छु। यस ढाँचालाई अद्यतन गर्दा यससँग सम्बन्धित ढाँचा तथा मोड्युलहरू समेत अद्यतन गर्नुपर्ने भएकोले यसलाई नियमित मर्मतसम्भार अन्तर्गत राखी आज राति ४ अप्रिल २०२० को राति ९ बजे (नेपाल समय) देखि ११ बजे (नेपाल समय) सम्म उक्त ढाँचा अद्यतन गर्ने कार्यतालिका रहेको हुँदा सो ढाँचा वा सो सँग सम्बन्धित ढाँचाहरूलाई प्रदर्शित गर्दा केही समस्या आउनसक्ने जानकारी गराउँदछु। तत्पश्चात् कुनै समस्या वा त्रुटि देखिएमा यहाँ टिप्पणी गरी जानकारी गराउनको लागि सबैलाई आग्रह समेत गर्दछु।--Nirajan pant (कुरा गर्ने) १२:१४, ३० अप्रिल २०२० (नेपाली समय)

विकिपिडिया:ट्विङ्कल उपकरण मर्मत गर्नुपर्ने सम्बन्धमासम्पादन

यस विकिपिडियामा स्थापना गरिएको ट्विङ्कल उपकरणको केही आवश्यक सह-उपकरणहरू काम गर्न छाडिसकेकोले यसलाई मर्मत गर्नुपर्ने आवश्यकता रहेको छ। यस उपकरणलाई मर्मतसम्भार गर्दा सो समयावधिमा यो उपकरण असक्षम पनि हुनसक्छ। प्राविधिक पक्षको काम तथा उपकरणको सामग्रीलाई नेपालीकरण गर्न समय लाग्ने भएतापनि यसलाई छिट्टै मर्मत गर्ने जानकारी गराउँदछु। उपकरणको सामग्रीलाई नेपालीकरण गर्ने काममा सहयोग गर्न सबै प्रबन्धक तथा अन्तरमोहडा सम्पादकलाई आग्रह समेत गर्दछु।--बिप्लब आनन्द (म सँग कुरा गर्नुहोस) २०:३५, २८ मे २०२० (नेपाली समय)

New Beta Feature next weekसम्पादन

Please help translate to your language.

The Editing team is working on mw:Talk pages project/replying. The Reply tool is one result of the big mw:Talk pages consultation 2019. Editing is planning to offer the Reply tool to your community as a Beta Feature soon, probably on Wednesday, 14 October. The Reply tool has been used to make more than 25,000 comments at about 20 wikis so far.

The Editing team is particularly interested in learning how well this works for you, especially if you have trouble typing comments.

Here's what you need to know:

If you have questions or concerns about this Beta Feature, please contact me. Whatamidoing (WMF) (कुरा गर्ने) १०:०९, १० अक्टोबर २०२० (नेपाली समय)

The Beta Feature is available now in Special:Preferences. Whatamidoing (WMF) (कुरा गर्ने) २१:५४, १४ अक्टोबर २०२० (नेपाली समय)
Hi @Whatamidoing (WMF):, The Beta Feature is not working.--Saroj Uprety (कुरा गर्ने) २२:२१, १४ अक्टोबर २०२० (नेपाली समय)
Thank you for pinging me. I apologize for the problem. I have filed this bug report at phab:T265500. A fix was written today. I don't know how long it will take to be deployed (maybe 1 to 8 days?). Whatamidoing (WMF) (कुरा गर्ने) ०२:३९, १५ अक्टोबर २०२० (नेपाली समय)
Saroj Uprety, it is working now. It is not set up for this page, but you can test it at User talk:Whatamidoing (WMF) (or any normal talk page). Thank you again for telling me about this problem. Whatamidoing (WMF) (कुरा गर्ने) २२:१८, १७ अक्टोबर २०२० (नेपाली समय)

सन्दर्भ ढाँचा र मोड्युल उद्यतन गर्ने सम्बन्धमासम्पादन

यस विकिपिडियामा रहेको सन्दर्भ ढाँचा र मोड्युल मर्मत गर्नुपर्ने आवश्यकता रहेकोले मर्मतसम्भार गर्दा सो समयावधिमा ढाँचा तथा मोड्युलले काम नगर्ने हुनसक्छ। प्राविधिक पक्षको काम तथा सामग्रीलाई नेपालीकरण गर्न समय लाग्ने भएतापनि १० देखि १५ दिनभित्र मर्मत गर्ने जानकारी गराउँदछु। ढाँचा तथा मोड्युलको सामग्रीलाई नेपालीकरण गर्ने काममा सहयोग गर्न सबै प्रबन्धक, ढाँचा सम्पादक तथा अन्तरमोहडा सम्पादकलाई आग्रह समेत गर्दछु।--बिप्लब आनन्द (म सँग कुरा गर्नुहोस) २२:२४, २७ नोभेम्बर २०२० (नेपाली समय)

Technical maintenance planed‬सम्पादन

Coolest Tool Award 2021: Call for nominationsसम्पादन

Coolest Tool Award 2021 square logo.svg

The third edition of the m:Coolest Tool Award is looking for nominations!

Tools play an essential role for the Wikimedia projects, and so do the many volunteer developers who experiment with new ideas and develop and maintain local and global solutions to support the Wikimedia communities. The Coolest Tool Award aims to recognize and celebrate the coolest tools in a variety of categories.

The awarded projects will be announced and showcased in a virtual ceremony in December. Deadline to submit nominations is October 27. More information: m:Coolest Tool Award. Thanks for your recommendations! -- SSethi (WMF) for the 2021 Coolest Tool Academy team ११:४१, १९ अक्टोबर २०२१ (नेपाली समय)

Community Wishlist Survey 2022 is coming. Help us!सम्पादन

The Community Wishlist Survey 2022 starts in less than two weeks (Monday 10 January 2022, 18:00 UTC). We, the team organizing the Survey, need your help.

Only you can make the difference

How many people will hear and read about the Survey in their language? How many will decide to participate? Will there be enough of you to vote for a change you would like to see? It all depends on you, volunteers.

Why are we asking?

  • We have improved the documentation. It's friendlier and easier to use. This will mean little if it's only in English.
  • Thousands of volunteers haven't participated in the Survey yet. We'd like to improve that, too. Three years ago, 1387 people participated. Last year, there were 1773 of them. We hope that in the upcoming edition, there will be even more. You are better than us in contacting Wikimedians outside of wikis. We have prepared some images to share. More to come.

What is the Community Wishlist Survey?

Community Wishlist Survey banner - translatable.svg

It's an annual survey that allows contributors to the Wikimedia projects to propose and vote for tools and platform improvements. Long years of experience in editing or technical skills are not required.

Thanks, and be safe and successful in 2022! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) ०९:००, २९ डिसेम्बर २०२१ (नेपाली समय)

Save the Date: Coolest Tool Award 2021: this Friday, 17:00 UTCसम्पादन

<languages />

Hello all,

The ceremony of the 2021 Wikimedia Coolest Tool Award will take place virtually on Friday 14 January 2022, 17:00 UTC.

This award is highlighting software tools that have been nominated by contributors to the Wikimedia projects. The ceremony will be a nice moment to show appreciation to our tool developers and maybe discover new tools!

Read more about the livestream and the discussion channels.

Thanks for joining! andre (talk) -08:02, 6 January 2022 (UTC)

Last two days for submitting proposalsसम्पादन

Community Wishlist Survey Lamp.svg

Tomorrow is the last day for submitting proposals for the Community Wishlist Survey 2022.

Also, everyone is welcome to translate, promote, and discuss proposals. SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) २०:३०, २२ जनवरी २०२२ (नेपाली समय)

Rollout of the new audio and video playerसम्पादन

Please help translate to your language


Over the next months we will gradually change the audio and video player of Wikis from Kultura to Video.js and with that, the old player won’t be accessible anymore. The new player has been active as a beta feature since May 2017.

The new player has many advantages, including better design, consistent look with the rest of our interface, better compatibility with browsers, ability to work on mobile which means our multimedia will be properly accessible on iPhone, better accessibility and many more.

The old player has been unmaintained for eight years now and is home-brewn (unlike the new player which is a widely used open source project) and uses deprecated and abandoned frameworks such as jQuery UI. Removing the old player’s code also improves performance of the Wikis for anyone visiting any page (by significantly reducing complexity of the dependency graph of our ResourceLoader modules. See this blog post.). The old player has many open bugs that we will be able to close as resolved after this migration.

The new player will solve a lot of old and outstanding issues but also it will have its own bugs. All important ones have been fixed but there will be some small ones to tackle in the future and after the rollout.

What we are asking now is to turn on the beta feature for the new player and let us know about any issues.

You can track the work in T100106

Thank you, Amir २३:४४, १७ फेब्रुअरी २०२२ (नेपाली समय)

Coolest Tool Award 2022: Call for nominationsसम्पादन

The fourth edition of the Coolest Tool Award welcomes your nominations! What is your favorite Wikimedia related software tool? Please submit your favorite tools by October 12, 2022! The awarded projects will be announced and showcased in a virtual ceremony in December.

MediaWiki message delivery ००:१५, ४ अक्टोबर २०२२ (नेपाली समय)

पृष्ठ तथ्याङ्कसम्पादन

हाल पृष्ठ तथ्याङ्क उपकरणले प्रयोगकर्ताहरूको लागि धेरै जानकारी देखाउँदैन किनकि यो असक्षम छ। के हामीले यसलाई सक्षम गर्ने? --बडा काजी (कुरा गर्नुहोस्) ०१:३४, ३० नोभेम्बर २०२२ (नेपाली समय)

के तपाइँ उपकरणलाई कसरी सक्रिय गर्ने र त्यसपछि उपकरणले के गर्नेछ बारे थप स्पष्ट गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ? --Saroj Uprety (कुरा गर्नुहोस्) ०९:२५, ३० नोभेम्बर २०२२ (नेपाली समय)
नमस्ते Saroj Upretyज्यू, यदि तपाईंँ यो पृष्ठमा जानुभयो भने तपाईंँ प्रयोगकर्ताहरूको बारेमा धेरै सम्पादन गरिएको पृष्ठ, समय कार्ड, सर्वाधिक सम्पादित पृष्ठ देख्नुहुनेछैन। यो विकल्प सक्षम गर्दा यसले हामीलाई त्यो जानकारी हेर्न दिनेछ। यदि सक्षम गरियो भने यो यस्तो देखिनेछ। --बडा काजी (कुरा गर्नुहोस्) १८:२१, ३० नोभेम्बर २०२२ (नेपाली समय)