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Nepali Wikipedia Translator

I have developed a software in which you can translate text from Hindi to Nepali. Its not perfect but you can save your time using this software. I have put my best efforts in it. I have developed for my personal use but later I had an idea that this might be helpful for anyone and could save some of their precious time editing Wikipedia. Your feedbacks are always welcome. The homepage is Nepali Wikipedia translator and You can download this at Nepali Wikipedia translator download section or you can try this online here.

I am also responsible for the development of the translation software but I have very limited time to work on the project. However if you need any features or if you would like to take over the project for yourself, or if you want to experiment you are always welcome. I will be happy to grant you permissions in the Translator project. You can also submit the suggestions / translations in my talk pages or you can directly email me with the suggestions. Currently I am picking up grammar rules, translation texts on my own while I start translating / editing Wikipedia. I have felt that a new intelligent translation editor will be required with a much easier interface with an "intellisense" enabled editor. At least for those who want to edit. For example the programmers can use these features in Visual Studio, Eclipse or Netbeans. Google provides a kind of intellisense already in its Google transliteration. I wish to have such an editor though. I like the editor provided by Google though I have very less power in it and feel like I am messing up everything in there, They have put a lot of parameters in there and the features they have put have become a burden for me, I have to take care of the brackets they have put in there and it annoys me very much while editing, however its good because it preserves the semantics, but it takes a lot of time and effort so I don't like it much because its very much time consuming. Its better you'd copy the entire text in notepad and write down and paste it later when you are done.

राजेशजि, तपाईंको विकि हिन्दी-नेपाली translator (ले निकै नै राम्रो काम त गर्छ्, तर हामिलाइ पनि translation suggest गर्ने कुनै माध्यम दिनुभए सही translation हरू थप्दै जान सकिन्थ्यो कि? हामीले translation suggest गर्ने अनि तपाईंले moderation गरेर सही translation थप गर्दै जान सके यो translator समयसितै अझै प्रभावकारी हुनेथियो होला। -बिकास १८:२७, १९ अप्रिल २०११ (UTC)

Bikashji, the translator which was hosted in is expiring in May 2011. I will try to put in another free server, in the mean time you can use the desktop version. The desktop version can be downloaded from and it also has the facility to add suggestions by editing the rules file, and please include those new rules in my talk pages so that I could upload them in the later versions. Thank you for using the translator and contributing in Wikipedia. If I had succeeded in saving some of your time in translating I think I have achieved my goal. Currently I am testing bot feature in the application and its doubtful whether or not to include bot support because bots have to be handled very delicately and cautiously. I am currently trying to integrate Dotnetwikibot which is freely available. --राजेश ०९:४८, २२ अप्रिल २०११ (UTC)
Bikashji, you can directly email me the suggestions/rules by editing the rules file. I will update them. If you want to update yourself, you can update it in the svn in , you can also post those rules in the talk pages, or anywhere in the wiki. Just copy and paste it here. I have also been maintaining the rules here: Rules

What am I busy at ?

  • I am currently busy reading the manuals at: Google apis and at .net client library and I am using some sample applications provided there. I am trying to create a .net application to use the api and translate from English to Nepali.
  • I am currently studying about the Google translation toolkit api. I am trying to integrate the toolkit in Nepali Wikipedia translator that I have been working in the past few months.
  • The Google translation toolkit currently tries to translate English text into Hindi even when select to translate from English to Nepali. I guess there aren't enough translation in Google's translation memory or the dictionary or the database whatever it is called in "Google translation language". This makes me easier to work because I don't have to write rules to translate texts directly from English, rather I could provide English text, obtain Hindi result from Google translation toolkit api, and then I could translate the raw Hindi result to Nepali.
  • 1. English Text => (Google Translation Toolkit api) => Hindi result
  • 2. Hindi result => (Nepali Wikipedia Translator) => Nepali result

Google Translation APIs are no longer free. So I decided to wait for a free translation service which would provide me an English to Hindi translation.

So with the remaining resources, I created an android application which would translate from Hindi to Nepali text

Nepali Translator for Android

It is not perfect but, its works to some extent: an android application which would translate from English to Nepali text - 25th March 2012

के यु यो प्रयोगकर्ता काठमाडौं विश्वविद्यालयमा अध्ययनरत छन्/थिए।
अर्किड यो प्रयोगकर्ता अर्किड कलेजमा अध्ययनरत छन्/थिए।
 यो प्रयोगकर्ता विकिपरियोजना नेपालका सदस्य हुनुहुन्छ।


Rajesh Pandey (राजेश पाण्डे)

  • विकि प्रयोगकर्ता तथा कम्प्युटर ईन्जिनियरिङ्ग छात्र

Wiki User and Computer Engineering Student

  • This user is a volunteer in Nepali Wikipedia. If you find any thing wrong here, please leave a message . I will try to resolve it if I am available. You may also contact other sysops Ganesh and Bhawani for help.
  • Currently this user is very busy in real life and thus may not be available. It may even take weeks to respond you.
  The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
I hereby award the Tireless Contributor's Barnstar to RajeshPandey for his brilliant efforts in welcoming newcomers and reverting vandalism on Nepali Wikipedia. --Jose77 ०५:१५, १८ जुन २००७ (UTC)
  The Original Barnstar
For your many months of service to Wikipedia, I, Jose77, hereby award you this barnstar. --Joseph, ०९:४९, २१ सेप्टेम्बर २००७


Hi I run a computer program often called a bot which uses the username called RajeshBotContributions. I use it to fix spelling mistakes and translation errors in Nepali Wikipedia.

RajeshBot uses Nepali Wikipedia Translator, AutoWikiBrowser or PywikipediaBot depending upon the needs. I am the author of a machine translator called Nepali Wikipedia Translator and internally I also use DotNetwikibot libraries and the WikiFunctions libraries from the Autowikibrowser team. When I run AWB, It runs usually in a manually assisted mode and very rarely automatically when I am damn sure that things won't go wrong. However a bot is always a bot, its not as intelligent as me but it is faster and I use it to save some time.

I wish to run template copying bots from English Wiki to Nepali as Rich FarmBrough showed me in Wikimania 2011 when I asked him about the Wikipedia templates. (2011)

Update (2012): I have accomplished this by creating an application which would copy templates from one wiki to another and integrating it into NepaliWikipediaTranslator. I feel lucky because I met Rich who inspired me with these programming ideas.


     I'm busy off Wikipedia and may be slow to respond; e-mail me if you need a faster response.


Hello Rajesh ji! Thanks for your quick response in renaming my account to the correct. Thanks a lot. Happy editing. --itar buttar [कुरा गर्ने] ०१:१४, १२ नोभेम्बर २०१२ (युटिसी(UTC))

HNY '०१३

Thanks for the warm wishes and welcome. Happy new year to you as well. How is your translator doing, btw?--युकेश (कुरा गर्ने) ०९:५९, १६ जनवरी २०१३ (युटिसी(UTC))