पौडिपहिरन वा स्नान पहिरन पानीमा गरिने विभिन्न कृयाकलाप वा खेलहरू जस्तै: पौडी, वाटर पोलो, डाइभिङ्ग साथै सामान्य स्नान गर्दाको समयमा महिला तथा पुरूषले लगाउने पहिरन हो ।

विभिन्न प्रकारका पौडिपहिरन लगाएका मोडलहरू

पौडिपहिरनका प्रकार सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्

समान सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्

Name Image Description
Rash guard
(also known as rash vest or rashie)
  A type of athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester. Rash guards may be worn as an alternative to wetsuits during warmer weather. They may also offer UV protection.
Wetsuit and Dry suit   A close fitting, insulating garment usually made from neoprene or similar material.
Drag suits A pair of shorts or any loose shirts worn over a swimmer's inner swimsuit to increase resistance against the water and build up the swimmer's endurance.
Racing suits Swimsuits made of technologically advanced fabrics biomimetically designed with a surface that mimics the rough shark denticles to reduce drag along key areas of the body. The characteristics of the fabric improve shape retention and increase muscle compression to reduce vibration and retain muscle shape to reduce fatigue and power loss. Available in a variety of cuts such as bodyskin, legskin and kneeskin.

महिलाको पौडिपहिरन सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्

नाम तश्वीर विबरण
(also known as tank suit, maillot)
  Probably the most common form of one-piece swimsuit, the tank suit form is inspiration for the subsequent creation of the tank top as a mainstream article of clothing. The name "tank suit" is also supposed to be derived from the term "swimming tank", an obsolete term for what is now called a swimming pool.
(दुई टुक्रे कपडा)
  One piece covers the breasts, the other the groin and buttocks, leaving an uncovered area between the two. Bikinis are available in many stylistic variations. (see Bikini variants)
टानकिनी   Two piece covers the breasts and stomach (like a tank top), the other the groin and buttocks. Leaves a small gap in between the belly button and the hips. Tankinis are available in many stylistic variations.
(also known as a unikini or topless swimsuit)
  Refers to:

(1) A women's swimsuit with one piece that exposes the breasts, originally invented by Rudi Gernreich in 1964, available in many stylistic variations and generally refers to a bikini bottom, or thong worn alone without a top.

(2) A recent trend in women's one-piece swimsuits. It is typically styled so that from the front it looks like a typical one-piece with side cut-outs, but from the back it looks like a bikini. Many monokini styles also include plunging necklines.

बुर्किनी   Covers the whole body and head (but not face) in a manner similar to a diver's wetsuit.

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Name Image Description
Swim briefs
(also known as racing briefs, speedos, competition briefs, bathers, racer bathers)
  Launched at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics by Speedo, originally nylon swimwear in the same style as underwear briefs. Swim briefs are now often made of a nylon and spandex composite, while some longer lasting suits are made from polyester. The style varies from a full seat to thong or g-string. Most swim briefs have a beige or white lining on the inside front made of a similar fabric.
(also known as boardshorts in Australia)
  In the US, this describes a loose, mid-thigh style of swimwear, made of 100% polyester or 100% nylon fabric. They are usually shorter than boardshorts but longer than boxer shorts. They feature a polyester liner inside the shorts. Although trunks have been used as swimwear since the 1940s, their heyday was in 1990s when they were highly popularised thanks in part to TV shows like Baywatch. Today, they have been eclipsed by boardshorts among teenagers and young adults. They remain the norm with older age groups and young children.

In other cultures (particularly the UK) the term 'trunks' is used to describe swim briefs, although it has been increasingly common for any men's swimwear to be generically described as 'trunks'.

Square leg suits   A swimwear style similar to swim briefs, but with a much more conservative cut. They can be compared to boxer briefs but with nylon/spandex composite or polyester fabric.
Jammer   A type of men's swimwear worn primarily by competitive athletes, somewhat resembling cycling shorts or compression shorts.
Fundoshi   A traditional Japanese style of underwear, sometimes worn as swimwear.

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