Welcome to my talk page. I do not understand the local language so if possible please write in English. If you do not understand English I will get someone (most probably Google Translate) to help me so don't worry!

If you are here because I left you a notice about files you uploaded without a license and/or a source please read this first:

  • All files must have a valid license (for example {{self|Cc-by-sa-3.0}}).
  • Files should also have a source (“Own work”, link to Web site etc).
  • Please also add a good description of the file.

You can see your uploads here Make sure to replace “your-name-here” :-)

If you do not know which license to add you can ask me or a local user for help. If you do nothing the file(s) will be deleted.

"MGA73/Editnotice"को प्रयोगकर्ता पृष्ठमा फर्कनुहोस्।