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सा (नयाँ पृष्ठ: <noinclude>  '''Ver: Pass 2FL''' -- Pedia Version 2F meta 2F commons, 2Fa books, 2Fb, 06:44, 28 January 2007 (UTC), 2Fg update, 08:33, 28 January 2007 (UT...)
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===Other parameters===
# General Auto-categorization applies pipe-tricked category sorting using <code>'<nowiki>{{{xxx|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}} }}}</nowiki> </code>, which allows the lowercase override name 'xxx', the general sorting name {{{1}}}, or the overall default, the [[M:Help:Magic word|Magic word]] <code>'<nowiki>{{PAGENAME}}</nowiki> </code>.{{I2}}
# V=<i>letter 'D' or numbers: {0, 1, 2,..., 6}}</i> &mdash; from Version P3 will provide auto-categorization same as the suffixed versions of 'interwikitmp-grp##' listed in [[template:interwikitmp-grp/doc]]. (Not currently in place!) // <b>[[User:Fabartus|Fra]]</b>[[User talk:Fabartus|<font color="green">[[User talk:Fabartus|nkB]]</font>]] 07:19, 8 February 2007 (UTC){{I2}}
# ALL=''anything'' &mdash; turns on all links forming elements. Can use to poll sister projects for template presence, or to distribute the template, despite normal non-participation by that sister in the project.{{I2}}
# cat=''bare name''... value supplants [[Category:Miscellaneous templates]] for V=3, 4, 5, and V=6 auto-categorization modes. The replacement category is generally a sub-category of Miscellaneous, such as typing-aid templates or uncategorized templates. 'cat=' may be defined false (not uncommon in V=6 calls where template is a category tagging template linking both internally and externally but used on category pages. Example: [[W:Template:Commonscat1A]], {{W2c|Template:Wikipediacat1A}}, [[Template:WikiPtmp]] (or any 'XXXXtmp' templates listed below) and etcetera.){{I2}}{{#if: {{{cats|}}}|'''PARAMETER ERROR: Parameter 'cats=' depreciated in favor of 'CATS=' or 'cat=' as noted above. {{I2}}}}


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