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ढाँचा:Bollywood Hungama person displays an external link to a page for a person at the Bollywood Hungama website. It is intended for use in the external links section of an article.


The template has two parameters, one of which is optional. The required parameter is the ID, which is the unique code in the URL of the celebrity on the Bollywood Hungama website that identifies the absolute Uniform Resource Identifier for a celebrity. An optional second parameter, NAME, can be used to specify the anchor text.

Unnamed parameters:

{{Bollywood Hungama person | ID }}
{{Bollywood Hungama person | ID | NAME }}

Named parameters

{{Bollywood Hungama person | id= ID }}
{{Bollywood Hungama person | id= ID | name= NAME }}
{{Bollywood Hungama person | old_id= ID }}
{{Bollywood Hungama person | old_id= ID | name= NAME }}

Using Wikidata property P7923 or P3910:

{{Bollywood Hungama person}}
{{Bollywood Hungama person | name= NAME }}


Unnamed parametersसम्पादन


* {{Bollywood Hungama person | alia-bhatt | Alia Bhatt }}
* {{Bollywood Hungama person | 85672 | Alia Bhatt }}


Current URL:


Former URL:

https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/celebritymicro/films/id/85672 (archived 26 March 2016)

Named parametersसम्पादन


* {{Bollywood Hungama person | id= ranvir-shorey | name= Ranvir Shorey }}
* {{Bollywood Hungama person | id= 5943 | name= Ranvir Shorey }}
* {{Bollywood Hungama person | old_id= 12728 | name= Ranvir Shorey }}


Current URL:


Former URLs:

https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/celebritymicro/films/id/5943 (archived 18 October 2015)
http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/celebrities/filmography/12728/index.html (archived 16 October 2011)

No ID in template or Wikidataसम्पादन


* {{Bollywood Hungama person}}


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