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|2={{{3|}}}<noinclude>Note that books, albums, software, or other creative works or [[Types of educational institutions|educational institutions]] are <b><u>not</u></b> eligible under this criterion </noinclude>
|notes={{#if:{{{1|}}}||Please use a more specific template - {{tl|db-person}}, {{tl|db-animal}}, {{tl|db-band}}, {{tl|db-club}}, {{tl|db-inc}}, {{tl|db-web}}, or {{tl|db-webevent}} where possible.}}
|anote={{{anote|{{#if:{{{1|}}}||. Please confirm before deletion that the page doesn't seem to be intended as the author's userpage. If it does, please move it to the proper location instead. Please also note that this tag will occasionally be used in place of the tags for criteria [[WP:CSD#A9|CSD A9]] (musical recordings) and [[WP:CSD#A11|A11]] ([[WP:MADEUP]]), as both of these also refer to lack of importance/significance.}}}}}
|summary=Article about {{{1|[[WP:CSD#A7|an eligible subject]]}}}, which does not [[WP:CCS|credibly indicate the importance or significance]] of the subject
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