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'''धौलागिरि''' (वा ''धबलागिरि'') संसारकै सातौँ अग्लो हिमाल हो। It forms the eastern anchor of the '''Dhaulagiri Himal''', a [[mountain range|subrange]] of the [[Himalaya]] in the [[Dhawalagiri Zone]] of north central [[Nepal]]. It lies northwest of [[पोखरा]], an important regional town र tourist center. Across the deep gorge of the [[Kali Gandaki]] to the east lies the [[Annapurna]] Himal, home to Annapurna I, one of the other [[eight-thousanders]]. Dhaulagiri means "White Mountain".
[[Image:DhaulagiriMountain.jos.500pix.jpg|thumb|left|Dhaulagiri from Poon Hill]]
In terms of rise above local terrain, Dhaulagiri is, in fact, almost unparalleled in the world. For example,
it rises 7000m over the Kali Gandaki gorge to the southeast in about 30km30 km of horizontal distance. The Kali Gandaki
is especially dramatic since Dhaulagiri र Annapurna both stand near the river, giving a unique example of two
[[Eight-thousanders]] facing each other over a deep valley.
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