ढाँचा:Title disambig text


{{Title disambig text|Title (disambig)}}

If page title is of the form Title (disambig), this function will return disambig. If no parenthetical expression is present, returns an empty string.

Note: do not use linked titles.


  • Up to 50 characters in the input string. Will return an empty string if Title has more than 50 characters, and error "max index is 50 for str_sub" if disambig has more than 50 characters.
  • Limited set of characters.
  • Expensive.


  • {{Title disambig text|Title (whatever)}} → whatever
  • {{Title disambig text|[[Title (whatever)]]}} → whatever)]
  • {{Title disambig text|123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789. (whatever)}}max index is 50 for str_sub
  • {{Title disambig text|Title (123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789.)}} → 123456789.123456789.123456789.123456789.123max index is 50 for str_sub

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