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Based on {{talk archive}}, adds historical and diff links per Help talk:Archiving a talk page/Archive 3#Cut-and-paste archiving: Increasing transparency.

The template has four links:

  • historical revision permanent link to page immediately before archiving
  • history page history, offset to archive creation time
  • original vs archive diff cross-page diff between the base page and the initial archive, detects whether modifications were made at archiving
  • archive: initial vs current diff diff between the initial and current archive revisions, detects whether modifications were made following archiving
  • Note that unlike {{talk archive}}, this tag must be set after archive creation so that archiveid represents a valid revision. In other words, two discrete edits are required: one to create the archive page and one to set archiveid.
  • This template does not work properly with incremental archives, either bot or manual.






Remove whitespace padding from all parameters, as it interferes with proper link formation (Help:Template#Whitespace problems).

  • origid revision ID of original Talk page immediately before archiving
  • archiveid revision ID of completed archive, including pasted text
  • timestamp UTC timestamp formatted per ISO 8601 (YYYYMMDDhhmmss), used to determine History offset. It must be greater than or equal to origid's timestamp; the timestamp of the revision following archive completion is recommended. {{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} may be used if this template is placed soon after archiving.
  • currentpage optional, functions exactly like Template:Talkarchive's optional parameter, specifying a different current Talk page.

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