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update from sandbox, got heads up from amortias
सा (Reverted edits by DeltaQuad (talk) to last version by DMacks)
(update from sandbox, got heads up from amortias)
| type = content
| image = [[Image:Ambox warning orange.svg|45px]]
| text = <p>The '''previous version(s)''' of this file are non-free. The older revision(s) are no longer being used in articles, and therefore fail the Wikipedia [[Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria|non-free content criteria]]. The '''current version''' will not be deleted, only previous revision(s).</p><hr><p>'''Administrators:''' If there are no problems with the current version, and it meets the non-free content criteria, please delete the '''previous version(s)''' on '''{{#time:F j, Y|{{{date|{{{1|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}}}}} +7 days}}''' (seven days after {{#time:F j, Y|{{{date|{{{1|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}}}}} }}, when this template was added). <span class="sysop-show">Otherwise, please revert the file back to the last acceptable version. Once you're done, remove this tag. '''Use "change visibility"''', checking only the "Delete file content" option, in order to preserve the upload history in the "File history" section. The standard rationale for an orphaned non-free file is [[WP:CSD#F5|F5]].</span></p>{{#if: {{{human|}}} | <hr>[[User:RonBot|An adminbot]] has requested human review for this file. |}}
}}<includeonly>{{Category handler
| file= {{#switch:{{Age switch|d={{{date|{{{1|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}}}}}}}
| nocat = {{{nocat|}}}
| category2 = {{{category|¬}}}
}}{{#if:{{{1|{{{date|}}}}}}||[[Category:Non-free files with orphaned versions with invalid timestamp|{{PAGENAME}}]]{{imbox|text=The template is currently used incorrectly (without a date). Please modify the page by adding the correct date to the template. If the template was added today, {{tls|orfurrev}} can be used}}}}{{#if:{{{human|}}}|[[Category:Non-free files with orphaned versions more than 7 days old needing human review|{{PAGENAME}}]]|}}
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