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सा (Pluralized the word because may be one (or) more ONFR's would contain in File(s).)
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| image = [[Image:Ambox warning orange.svg|45px]]
| text = <p>The '''previous version(s)''' of this file are non-free. TheseThis older revision is (sor) these older revisions are no longer being used in articles, and therefore fail the Wikipedia [[Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria|non-free content criteria]]. The '''current version''' will not be deleted, only its previous revision(s).</p><hr><p>'''Administrators''': If the current version of this file satisfies the [[Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria|non-free content criteria]], please delete the previous version(s) on '''{{#time: F j, Y|{{{date|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}} +7 days}}''' (seven days after this template was added on {{{date|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}}).</p>
}}<includeonly>{{Category handler
| file= {{#switch:{{Age switch|d={{{date|{{{1|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}}}}}}}
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