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== इतिहाँस र Theory of Government ==
The simplest idea of सरकार is those who [[ruleसासन]] over [[peopleजनता]] र [[landजमिन]]. This may be as small as a community with some sort of board that looks after the goings on of those who live within it or something a little larger like a [[villageगाउं]] or as big as a [[continent]] (like [[Australia]]). Those people who rule the land can allow others to [[own]] it. It is a [[deed]] by सरकार that gives this right in the way that [[law]]s describe. Some think they have the right to hold land without सरकार permission. This view is called [[libertarianismउदारबाद]]. Others think they can do so together as a group with others if they live in [[peaceशान्ति]], without government. This view is called [[anarchism]].
Almost every place on [[Earthसंसार]] is connected to one र only one government. Places without सरकार are where people follow traditions instead of सरकार rules, small [[border dispute]]d areas र the continent of Antarctica, because almost no people live there. For every place on Earth there is a सरकार that claims [[sovereign control]] over it. The word "sovereign" is old र means "control by a [[Kingराजा]]" ([[sovereign]]). Governments of [[village]]s, [[city|cities]], [[county|counties]] र other [[community|communities]] are also subordinate to the सरकार of the state or province where they exist, र then to that of the [[country]].
It is from Kings र [[feudalism]] that modern governments र [[nation-state]]s came. The [[Capital (city)|capital]] of a country, for instance, is where the King kept उनका [[asset]]s. From this we get the modern idea of [[capital (economics)|capital]] in [[economics]]. A सरकार is said to [[regulate]] [[trade]] as well as to rule over land.
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