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summarizing also means condensing, unless otherwise...
(update ambox syntax so that template displays well in compact form using AWB (8062))
(summarizing also means condensing, unless otherwise...)
| class = ambox-very_long
| issue = This {{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}|page|{{{1|article}}} }} '''may be [[Wikipedia:Article size|too long]] to read and navigate comfortably'''.
| fix = Please consider [[WP:splitting|splitting]] content into sub-articles and/or [[Wikipedia:Summary style|summarizingcondensing]] the key points of the subjectit.
| date = {{{date|}}}
| small = {{{small|}}}
| smalltext = This section is [[Wikipedia:Article size|too long]]. Consider either [[WP:splitting|splitting]] it into new pages or sub-sections or [[Wikipedia:Summary style|summarizingcondensing]] it.
| cat = Articles that may be too long
}}<!--{{Very long}} end--><noinclude>
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