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sorry about that; we need to keep findNamespaceId around for other modules
(Reverted 1 edit by Mr. Stradivarius (talk): Error in module:main while using module:sports table. (TW))
(sorry about that; we need to keep findNamespaceId around for other modules)
-- are trimmed from the start of the link by default. To skip colon
-- trimming, set the removeColon parameter to true.
-- end
-- This function is used by other modules, e.g. [[Module:Main]].
checkType('findNamespaceId', 1, link, 'string')
checkType('findNamespaceId', 2, removeColon, 'boolean', true)
function p._formatLink(link, display)
-- Find whether we need to use the colon trick or not. We need to use the
-- colon trick for categories and files, as otherwise category links
-- categorise the page and file links display the file.
checkType('_formatLink', 1, link, 'string')
checkType('_formatLink', 2, display, 'string', true)
-- Remove the initial colon for links where it was specified manually.
link = removeInitialColon(link)
local namespace = p.findNamespaceId(link, false)
local colon = ':'
-- The following lines were commented out to allow interwiki links to work,
-- as there is no harm in prefixing all links with colons.
-- if namespace == 6 or namespace == 14 then
-- colon = ':'
-- else
-- colon = ''
-- end
-- Find whether a faux display value has been added with the {{!}} magic
-- Assemble the link.
if display then
return string.format('[[%s:%s|%s]]', colon, link, display)
return string.format('[[%s:%s]]', colon, link)
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