"प्रयोगकर्ता वार्ता:Biplab Anand" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

Hi. I ask you, [[User:Krish Dulal|Krish Dulal]], [[User:Tulsi Bhagat|Tulsi Bhagat]] or any other sysop to please delete the page. This is a cross-wiki spam isue. It has been created/edited on many wikis by similar users, and requests for deletion have been made there too. Please, help solve this issue/abuse by deleting the page. If the pages across wikis aren't deleted, it can't be deleted on [[d:Q76436829|Wikidata]], where a request for deletion has been made too. Thank you, --[[User:Esteban16|Esteban16]] ([[User talk:Esteban16|कुरा गर्ने]]) ०८:०७, २७ मे २०२० (नेपाली समय)
:{{re|Esteban16}} {{Done}}. Kind regards, — [[User:Tulsi Bhagat|<span style="color:black">'''तुलसी भगत'''</span>]] <sup>[&nbsp;[[Special:Contribs/Tulsi Bhagat|<span style="color:black">योगदान</span>]] &#124; [[User talk:Tulsi Bhagat|<span style="color:black">वार्ता</span>]]&nbsp;]</sup> ०८:२१, २७ मे २०२० (नेपाली समय)
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