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| image = Jennifer Lopez at GLAAD Media Awards (cropped).jpg
<!-- NOTE: Do not replace Jennifer Lopez at GLAAD Media Awards.jpg unless it is with a photo under a public domain or free license (meaning NOT fair use). Any fair use photos (i.e. 'promotional photos') violate the Fair Use Policy and will be deleted. See [[Wikipedia:Fair]] use criteria -->| alt =
| caption = Lopez२०१४ atमा theजेनिफर [[25th GLAAD Media Awards]] in April 2014लोपेज
| birth_name = जेनिफर लेन लोपेज
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|1969|7|24}}
| birth_place = [[Newन्युयोर्क York Cityसहर]], New Yorkन्युयोर्क, U.S.संराअ<!-- The format is City, State, Country, excluding boroughs or neighborhoods. -->
| residence = [[Newन्युयोर्क York Cityसहर]], U.S.न्युयोर्क, संराअ<ref>{{cite news |url= http://www.idesignarch.com/jennifer-lopezs-madison-square-park-manhattan-penthouse-duplex |title=Jennifer Lopez's Madison Square Park Manhattan Penthouse Duplex |work= iDesignArch |accessdate=September 2, 2017 }}</ref>
| occupation = {{hlist|Singerगायिका|songwriterगितकार|actressअभिनेत्री|dancerनर्तकी|producerनिर्माता}}<!--Please do not add to this list without first discussing your proposal on the talk page. -->
| years_active = १९८६–अहिलेसम्म
| spouse = {{Plainlist|
*{{marriage|Ojaniओजानी Noaनोआ<br>|1997|1998|end=div}}
*{{marriage|[[Crisकृष Juddजुड]]<br>|2001|2003|end=div}}
*{{marriage|[[मार्क एन्थोनि]]<br>|2004|2014|end=div}}
| children = २
| relatives = [[लिन्डा लोपेज]] (sisterबहिनी)
| website = {{URL|jenniferlopez.com}}
| module = {{Infobox musical artist|embed=yes
| background = solo_singer
| genre = {{hlist|[[Contemporary R&B|R&B]]|[[Popपप musicसंगीत|popपप]]|[[Latin music (genre)|Latin]]|[[Hipहिप hopहप musicसंगीत|hipहिप hopहप]]|[[Danceनृत्य musicसंगीत|danceनृत्य]]}}
| label = {{hlist|[[Work Group|Work]]|[[Epic Records|Epic]]|[[Island Records|Island]]|[[Capitol Records|Capitol]]}}<!--Listed in chronological order!-->
| associated_acts = {{hlist|[[Fatफ्याट Joeजो]]|[[Marcमार्क Anthonyएन्थोनी]]|[[Jaजा Ruleरुल]]|[[LLएलएल Coolकुल Jजे]]|[[Pitbullपिट्बुल (rapperर्यापर)|Pitbullपिट्बुल]]}}
| net worth = [[US$]]३२० मिलियन (2014)<ref name="SMH 2014">{{cite news|last1=Vincent|first1=Peter|title=Jennifer Lopez on being J.Lo: Hard times made me what I am|url=http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/jennifer-lopez-on-being-jlo-hard-times-made-me-what-i-am-20140702-zsou3.html|accessdate=November 23, 2016|work=[[The Sydney Morning Herald]]|date=June 27, 2014}}</ref>
| signature = File:Jennifer Lopez Signature.png
| signature_size =
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