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सा (रोबोट ले हटाउँदै: vi:Bản mẫu:Keypress (strong connection between (2) ne:ढाँचा:Key press and vi:Bản mẫu:Phím tắt))
Some wiki markup character, like the [[pipe symbol]], the [[semicolon]] and the [[equals sign]], need to be entered using the {{tl|!}}, {{tl|;}} and {{tl|{{=}}}} templates:
:<code><nowiki>{{key press|{{!}}}}</nowiki></ttcode> produces {{key press|{{!}}}}
:<code><nowiki>{{key press|{{;}}}}</nowiki></ttcode> produces {{key press|{{;}}}}
:<code><nowiki>{{key press|{{=}}}}</nowiki></ttcode> produces {{key press|{{=}}}}
However, if the characters are marked as wikilinks, they can be entered as such:


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