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Documented new expiry argument
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(Documented new expiry argument)
== Usage ==
'''This template must be accompanied by the appropriate [[Wikipedia:Image copyright tags/Public domain|copyright tag]].''' It often accompanies {{tlx|PD-US}}.
It takes an optional argument <code>expiry</code> that hides the message at the end of the given year. For example, if a work by an author who died in 1950 was first published in a country whose copyright term is life plus 70 years, <code>expiry</code> would be 2020, and the message would automatically disappear in 2021.
== Examples ==
;{{tlx|Do not move to Commons}}
:Always shows the template.
;{{tlx|Do not move to Commons|expiry{{=}}2020}}
:Shows the message until December 31, 2020, but hides it starting January 1, 2021.
== See also ==
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