"मोड्युल:Protection banner" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

Redo switch to <indicator> in concert with {{top icon}}
(undo for now - the code looks good, but we will need to change everything over at the same time to avoid it looking like a giant mess)
(Redo switch to <indicator> in concert with {{top icon}})
obj._imageAlt = blurbObj:makeBannerText('alt')
obj._imageLink = blurbObj:makeBannerText('link')
obj._right_indicatorName = cfg.padlockPositionspadlockIndicatorNames[protectionObj.action]
or cfg.padlockPositionspadlockIndicatorNames.default
or '55pxpp-default'
return setmetatable(obj, Padlock)
function Padlock:__tostring()
return mw.getCurrentFrame():extensionTag{
local root = mw.html.create('div')
name = 'indicator',
args = {name = self._indicatorName},
:addClass('metadata topicon nopopups')
:wikitext(content = self:renderImage())
:attr('id', 'protected-icon')
:css{display = 'none', right = self._right}
return tostring(root)
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