"मोड्युल:Protection banner" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

accountcreator level is gone
(use Module:File link again, instead of the sandbox)
(accountcreator level is gone)
-- Set level
obj.level = args.demolevel or effectiveProtectionLevel(obj.action, obj.title)
if not obj.level or (obj.action == 'move' and obj.level == 'accountcreatorautoconfirmed') then
-- Lump titleblacklisted pages in with template-protected pages,
-- since templateeditors can do both.
obj.level = 'templateeditor'
elseif not obj.level or (obj.action == 'move' and obj.level == 'autoconfirmed') then
-- Users need to be autoconfirmed to move pages anyway, so treat
-- semi-move-protected pages as unprotected.


"https://ne.wikipedia.org/wiki/विशेष:MobileDiff/525077" बाट अनुप्रेषित