"मोड्युल:Effective protection level" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

Accountcreators can't override the titleblacklist anymore
(handle SALTed pages correctly)
(Accountcreators can't override the titleblacklist anymore)
local blacklistentry = mw.ext.TitleBlacklist.test('edit', pagename) -- Testing action edit is correct, since this is for the source page. The target page name gets tested with action move.
if blacklistentry and not blacklistentry.params.autoconfirmed then
return 'accountcreatortemplateeditor'
elseif title.namespace == 6 then
return 'filemover'
local blacklistentry = mw.ext.TitleBlacklist.test(action, pagename)
if blacklistentry then
return blacklistentry.params.autoconfirmed and 'autoconfirmed' or 'accountcreatortemplateeditor'
elseif level == 'editsemiprotected' then -- create-semiprotected pages return this for some reason
return 'autoconfirmed'


"https://ne.wikipedia.org/wiki/विशेष:MobileDiff/524596" बाट अनुप्रेषित