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[[File:Polarizacio.jpg|thumb|रबरको गोलाकार ध्रुविकरण लाइ रेखात्मक ध्रुविकरणमा रुपान्तर गरिएको]]
'''Polarizationध्रुविकरण''' ([[Americanअङ्रेजी:Polarization andवा British English spelling differences|also]] '''polarisation'''Polarisation) is a propertyतरङ्गहरूको ofविशेषता [[wave]]sहो thatजुन canएक [[oscillation|oscillate]]वा withबढी moreदिशामा thanघुम्न oneसक्छ orientation. [[Electromagnetic wave]]s such as [[light]] exhibit polarization, as do some other types of wave, such as [[gravitational wave]]s. [[Sound wave]]s in a gas or liquid do not exhibit polarization, since the oscillation is always in the direction the wave travels.
In an [[electromagnetic wave]], both the [[electric field]] and [[magnetic field]] are oscillating but in different directions; by convention the "polarization" of light refers to the polarization of the electric field. Light which can be approximated as a [[plane wave]] in free space or in an [[isotropic]] medium propagates as a [[transverse wave]]—both the electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular to the wave's direction of travel. The oscillation of these fields may be in a single direction ([[linear polarization]]), or the field may rotate at the optical frequency ([[circular polarization|circular]] or [[elliptical polarization]]). In that case the direction of the fields' rotation, and thus the specified polarization, may be either clockwise or counter clockwise; this is referred to as the wave's [[Chirality (physics)|chirality]] or ''handedness''.


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