"मानसिक रोग" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

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== मानसिक रोगीको इलाज ==
*Usually, mental disorders related problems are treated with different methods as they have different symptoms.For certain kind of problems,there are certain king of treatments as example, depression is a kind of mental disorder related problem which is included in mental disorders.
मानसिक रोग फरक फरक कारणबाट लाग्ने भएकाले मानसिक रोगको इलाज (उपचार) पनि फरक फरक हुन्छ।
*According to mental or psychological science, the main psychological or mental disorders are referred to '''depression, frustration, psychosis,Or insanity''' because with this kind of disorders indicate most dangerous situation around the society & patients having this problems have quite different dealing or behaving ways & patients not just have likelihood of having coma or unconscious but they have '''hallucinations, delusions''' in their minds.
* For the patients of depression, there are effective treatment centres or therapy available in the recent days '''Depression''' is effectively cured with the help of scientific methods as well as religious methods but for the mild situation or moderate situation, the religious methods are quite effective. And for the critical situation, scientific methods are best. Scientific method refers to those treatmens which offer just counseling of psychiatrist & effective medicines for the certain problems.
* A depressed guy has no any interests in their lifetime so, for this,doctor makes different ways to make them interested like other guys. Especially, patients are recommended just '''antidepressants''' medicines like '''Triplin,lonazep''' or it has different names even for the same medicine. But doctor will conform the duration of medicines taken by the patient or for the mild conditions doctor refers just 6 months , & if the case is quite critical, for this it is recommended more than 1 years until the case would be quite good like before.
* For the '''panic attack''' patients , there is effective treatment therapy centres than to that of scientific methods but if it is quite serious for this, the patient needs emergency services to deliver to hospital.
* More than 1 time has been unconscious patient needs more duration for good treatment , it is recommended more than 1 years or psychosis patient must use medicine for long terms.
* The depressed patient, has just a wish to die or suicide therefore, to prevent from this risks, there should be rigorous cares until the patient feels good from medicine use.
* There are various example , that any depressed guy once were quite hopeless has been improved & socialised in society.
* But treatment for depressed guy needs more effective.
*In the context of '''Nepal''' neuro hospital offer best treatment for depressed person. But these days , in all hospitals there are psychiatric department separated.Modern fashion of treatment for any kind of mental disorders are quite effective.
* The treatment of mental disorders here for Nepal is effectively done by Dr. '''Upendra Devkota in Norvic''' hospital in ktm. Another best doctor here for Nepal is Dr. '''Chhang''' in siliguri of India near the boarder of Nepal where there is Dr. Chhang's super speciality hospital.
== यो पनि हेर्नुहोस् ==


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