"माइकल ज्याक्सन" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

सा (वार्तालाप)द्वारा BotGaneshद्वारा गरिएको पछिल्लो संशोधनतर्फ...
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सा ( (वार्तालाप)द्वारा BotGaneshद्वारा गरिएको पछिल्लो संशोधनतर्फ...)
{{Orphan|date=जुन २०११}}
{{Infobox musical artist
| image = Michael jacksonJackson Photoin ...1988.jpg
| caption = Jackson performs on his [[Bad (tour)|Bad]] world tour in 1988
| image_size = 250215
| alt = An African-American man with shoulder length black curly hair wearing a black jacket and pants adorned with buckles singing into a microphone with his eyes closed. He is holding the microphone stand with both hands. Bright stage lights are visible in the background.
| alt =
| background = solo_singer
| birth_name = Michael Joseph Jackson


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