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This is for Thijs!bot. For some of his contributions in this wiki and for his time he gives in wiki.
Our wiki is a small one but we hope to make it beautiful. Small but happy family is nice. We are trying to manage this small family. We donot have to take part in competition with English Wikipedia, because they have lots of users. I am a user there too. It is easier to post in english because of english languages, and the tools they created. We too have now sufficient tools for editing and writing in at least Romanised Nepali. In English they have many templates, and many tools in their pages. However they may be facing with so many problems like database, page problems, spam, vandalism and so on..
== To the owner of the Bot ==
If you really like to add page templates please try to add templates for whole wiki. Since your bot doesnot understand Nepali it does so many mistakes, and sometimes it corrects itself. Its amazing. English wiki users makers have created many many templates, and they have been using them easily. What I have seen recently is the bot was adding page per page and the content was nothing. These days it has been corrected to some extent. When people search , they find the page , but they don't find the contents. If the page were not there, the person in need of the content of the page would save time searching at another place, or google down other places! or might be he may be frustrated but would not blame the wiki.
== Request for Bot Status ==
So I hope you would stop your wiki this kind of things of adding blank pages and use in constructive works. I hope it will add little but add contents. People donot come here to see how many pages we have. Wiki is famous for content. Not pages. If you are trying to make Nepali page as highest page holder then, it would never succeed because noone could have a more page and links than Search Engines like Yahoo and Google. They already have links with thousands of tonnes in their hard storage. So I would like you to stop adding this blank pages. Uh yeah How much empty pages would you create on newer topics? There are infinite topics.
I would like you to request for Bot Status [http://ne.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Bots&action=edit here]
I would be happy to support for your bot status there and once again thanks for your contributions.
== Thijs!bot is a ROBOT ==
Well what I found later was that Thijs!bot is a computer program. This is controlled by a Dutch user Thijs! and it was randomly adding pages in Nepali wiki. Later it started making interwiki pages. Like linking pages in one wiki to another wiki.
This bot continues on adding pages that he doesnot find in a wiki. This bot doesnot translate the page, rather he keeps certain headings that could be found in other similar pages in the same wiki. For example it adds certain headings and then makes a content page. Then it leaves all the other works to be done. If we let him continue this way , may be all the links created by wiki like : "This page doesnot exist,edit this page " link may disappear. Further if a bot continues on working in such way may be it would take a server load .. There may be several issues. The quality is the important thing. The bot was not adding any thing or the content in the past. But for now it has stopped adding pages and concentrated in creating interwiki links.
== External Links ==
*[http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gebruiker:Thijs! Bot Controller ]
*[[User:Thijs%21bot| नेपाली विकिमा खाली पाना थप्ने रोवोट]]
*[[en:User:Thijs%21bot|Thijs!bot in English ]]
-- [[User:RajeshPandey|राजेश]]


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