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→‎Job for WikitanvirBot?: नयाँ खण्ड
(→‎Job for WikitanvirBot?: नयाँ खण्ड)
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== Job for WikitanvirBot? ==
Hello Bhawani, do you want to run my bot to include <nowiki>{{वार्तालाप शीर्षक}}</nowiki> template in all user talk page of Nepali Wikipedia to welcome new users? This is doable and I would love to do that, but as it is a local task, I need a local approval. This is not a complex procedure., but I need a local flag set. If you think what I understand is right, then inform me with where can I ask for a flag on this wiki. Please response on my enwiki user talk page. Alternatively, if you are familiar with IRC, then you can directly contact me on #wikimedia channel. Regards, [[User:Wikitanvir|Wikitanvir]] १५:३०, ९ एप्रील २०११ (UTC)


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