"साधारण चिकित्सक" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

कुनै सम्पादन सारांश छैन्
(शीघ्र मेटाउन अनुरोध गरिँदै (शीमे सा२)। (ट्विङ्कल))
चिनोहरू: मोबाइल सम्पादन मोबाइल वेब सम्पादन
The family medicine (FM) paradigm is bolstered by primary care physicians trained in internal medicine (IM); although these physicians are trained in internal medicine only, adult patients provide the majority of the patient base of many family medicine practices. In the United States, there is a rising contingent of phyisicians dually trained in internal medicine र pediatrics (peds) (which can be completed in ४ years, instead of the ३ years each for IM र pediatrics). A significant number of family medicine practices (especially in suburban र urban areas) do not provide obstetric services anymore (due to litigation issues र provider preference), र as such, this blurs the line between the FM र IM/Peds difference. One suggested difference is that the IM/Peds-trained physicians are more geared towards subspecialty training or hospital-based practice. Even so, there are many groups with FM-trained र IM/Peds-trained physicians working in seamless harmony.
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