"फ्रान्सेली राज्यक्रान्ति" का संशोधनहरू बिचको अन्तर

[[File:Le Bataillon Carré, Affaire de Fougères 1793 (Square Battalion).jpg|thumb|upright=1.0|left|The 1793 [[War in the Vendée]] was in part sparked by opposition to state persecution of the Catholic church]]
Overशताब्दियौं the centuriesदेखि, charitableपरोपकारी foundationsसंस्थाहरूले hadअस्पताल, beenगरिबलाई setराहत up to fund hospitalsदिन, poorस्कुललाई relief,पैसा andदिने schools;गर्थ्यो। whenजब theseयसका wereसम्पत्ति confiscatedजफत andगरियो sold off,बेचियो theपैसा funding was not replaced,आउन causingबन्द massiveभयो disruption toसमाजमा theseअव्यवस्था supportभयो। systems.{{sfn|Sutherland|2002|pp=1-24}} Under the ''Ancien régime'', medical assistance for the rural poor was often provided by nuns, acting as nurses but also physicians, surgeons, and apothecaries; the Revolution abolished most of these orders without replacing organised nursing support.{{sfn|McHugh|2012|pp=428–456}} Demand remained strong and after 1800 nuns resumed their work in hospitals and on rural estates. They were tolerated by officials because they had widespread support and were a link between elite male physicians and distrustful peasants who needed help.{{sfn|Léonard|1977|pp=887–907}}
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