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→‎Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021: नयाँ खण्ड
(→‎Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021: नयाँ खण्ड)
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== Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021 ==
[[File:Wikiloveswomen logo.svg|right|frameless]]
'''Wiki Loves Women South Asia''' is back with the 2021 edition. Join us to minify gender gaps and enrich Wikipedia with more diversity. Happening from 1 September - 30 September, [[:m:Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021|Wiki Loves Women South Asia]] welcomes the articles created on gender gap theme. This year we will focus on women's empowerment and gender discrimination related topics.
We warmly invite you to help organize or participate in the competition in your community. You can learn more about the scope and the prizes at the [[:m:Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021|project page]].
Best wishes,<br>
[[:m:Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021|Wiki Loves Women Team]]<br>२३:३१, ११ जुलाई २०२१ (नेपाली समय)
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