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[[File:John F. Kennedy motorcade, Dallas crop.png|thumb|upright=1.15|The Kennedys and the Connallys in the presidential limousine moments before the [[Assassination of John F. Kennedy|assassination]] in Dallas]]
राष्ट्रपति केनेडीको हत्या डल्लासमा १२:३०&nbsp;मध्याह्न [[Central Standard Time]] १९६३ नोबेम्बर २२ शुक्रबार भयो। उनी त्यतिबेला टेक्सासमा डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टीको उदारवादी र कट्टरवादी गुटको सम्बन्ध सुधार्न राजनैतिक भ्रमणमा थिए।<ref>{{cite web|author=Russ |url=http://www.lifeinlegacy.com/display.php?weekof=September |title=26, 2009#P12844 Life in Legacy |publisher=Lifeinlegacy.com |access-date=March 28, 2010 |url-status=dead |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20110512002820/http://lifeinlegacy.com/display.php?weekof=September |archive-date=May 12, 2011 }}</ref> राष्ट्रपतीय मोटरकेडमा भ्रमण गरिरहेका उनलाई पछाडी बाट गोली प्रहार गरियो। Travelingगोली inउनको aटाउकोबाट presidentialछिरेर [[motorcade]]घाँटीबाट throughनिस्कियो। downtown Dallas, he was shot once in the back, the bullet exiting via his throat, and once in the head.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/press.htm|title=Doctors attending to Kennedy reported.|access-date=May 15, 2018|date=November 1963}}</ref>
केनेडीलाई आकस्मिक उपचारको लागि पार्कल्यान्ड अस्पतालमा लगियो। त्यहाँ उनलाई ३० मिनेट पछि मृत घोषित गरियो।उनको उमेर ४६ वर्ष थियो र उनी १,०३६ दिन कार्यलयमा रहेका थिए। Kennedy was taken to [[Parkland Hospital]] for emergency medical treatment, where he was pronounced dead 30 minutes later. He was 46 years old and had been in office for 1,036 days. [[Lee Harvey Oswald]], an order filler at the [[Texas School Book Depository]] from which the shots were fired, was arrested for the murder of police officer [[J. D. Tippit]] and was subsequently charged with Kennedy's assassination. He denied shooting anyone, claiming he was a [[wikt:patsy|patsy]],<ref>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZYAIiErTNg Lee Oswald claiming innocence (film)], Youtube.com</ref><ref>Warren Commission Hearings, vol. 20, p. 366, [http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh20/html/WH_Vol20_0193b.htm Kantor Exhibit No. 3—Handwritten notes made by Seth Kantor concerning events surrounding the assassination]</ref> and was shot dead by [[Jack Ruby]] on November 24, before he could be prosecuted. Ruby was arrested and convicted for the murder of Oswald. Ruby successfully appealed his conviction and death sentence but became ill and died of cancer on January 3, 1967, while the date for his new trial was being set.
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