This template is intended to be used on user talk pages to warn contributors to affected articles that their article has been proposed for deletion using Wikipedia:Proposed deletion. You're encouraged to modify the template as appropriate for unique circumstances.


  • Provide the name of the article as the first unnamed parameter. This is the only required parameter. It will be automatically wiki-linked.
  • concern=message: You can provide a reason for the proposed deletion. This will replace the "The proposed-deletion notice added to the article should explain why" sentence with the text provided. It will automatically be bolded and indented.
  • nowelcome=yes: Suppresses {{First article}} on empty pages (see below).
  • nothanks=yes: Suppresses "Thank you" message when {{First article}} is used.

New usersसम्पादन

This template incorporates {{First article if new}}. As result, if you use {{Proposed deletion notify}} on a talk page that does not yet exist (i.e., new user), a {{First article}} message will be inserted before the Proposed deletion notify notice itself. You can provide a nowelcome=yes parameter to {{Proposed deletion notify}} to suppress this behavior. This template also accepts the nothanks=yes parameter, and passes it to {{First article if new}}.

Example codeसम्पादन

Simplest form

{{subst:Proposed deletion notify|Article title }}

Several options

{{subst:Proposed deletion notify|Article title|concern=Non-notable subject|nowelcome=yes}}

See alsoसम्पादन