Which merge template should I use?सम्पादन

  • {{Merge|OtherPage}} – to merge at least two together at an unspecified location
  • {{Merge to|OtherPage}} – to merge the contents of the tagged article into the specified article.
  • {{Merge from|OtherPage}} – the opposite of {{Merge to}}; the contents of the specified article should be merged into the tagged article.


Tagging a single page is simple:

{{मा गाभ्ने |OtherPage |date=अगस्ट २०२२}}

By default, the Discuss link on the template links to the top of the destination page's talk page. To specify which section, or to name a different talk page entirely, use the |discuss= parameter:

{{मा गाभ्ने |OtherPage |discuss=Talk:OtherPage#Merge discussion |date=अगस्ट २०२२}}

To name other pages to be merged, simply separate them with a vertical pipe. You can add up to 20 articles to be merged:

{{मा गाभ्ने |OtherPage1 |OtherPage2 |OtherPage3 |discuss=Talk:OtherPage#Merge discussion |date=अगस्ट २०२२}}

These templates will add tagged articles to Category:Articles to be merged, while non-articles (files, templates, etc.) will be added to Category:Items to be merged.


  • After adding the merge template, please create a section on the talkpage explaining your rationale for the merge proposal.
  • If you want to propose merging a category, you must do so at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion, using the specific templates available there.
  • If you want to propose merging a template, you must do so at Wikipedia:Templates for discussion, using the specific templates available there.
  • Do not add the namespace to the names of the pages.
For example, write {{Merge|OtherHelpPage}}, not {{Merge|Help:OtherHelpPage}}.
  • Do not link to the pages with square brackets.
For example, write {{Merge|OtherArticle}}, not {{Merge|[[OtherArticle]]}}.
  • You do not have to supply the date: a bot will add it later.
  • The date may not be shown in the box. Do not be concerned about this. It is used when grouping tagged pages together into categories by date.

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